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Congratulations! You are part of the most educated, most tech-savvy generation in our country's history. San Gabriel Capital helps your family strike a balance between the levels of spending and the amount of risk in your portfolio so that you can achieve your personal goals and enjoy your retirement.

As longevity stretches far beyond historical lengths, many of America's 79 million baby boomers are facing not a brief retirement but 20 to 40 more years of life, the longest retirements that any U.S. generation has yet experienced. For a 65-year-old couple today, there's a 45% chance that one of you will make it to 95. Enjoying that length of retirement requires continual retirement planning expertise.

San Gabriel Capital will help guide you through the many stages of retirement. In the majority of cases Retirees are focused on asset preservation to provide a stable income stream in retirement. San Gabriel can help you familiarize yourself with the complexities of Medicare and Social Security benefits. Assist you in fine-tuning your income and expense projections, taking into consideration how you will meet minimum distribution requirements from your tax-deferred accounts.

San Gabriel’s planning tools incorporate "scenario planning" which are extremely helpful. In this approach, you identify several attractive ways in which you could see your life playing out through retirement. Whether you desire to leave a legacy to your loved ones, a charitable cause your passionate about or spending every last dime. We also help you explore unlikely, but possible, eventualities that would pose serious difficulties. Together we will develop a plan to handle each scenario. The more "what ifs?" you consider, the better prepared you are for any eventuality.